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- peaches!

- yellow cherry tomatoes, most of which are already gone, mmm lunch

- sweet yellow peppers

- purple basil with teeny purple flowers. Half of it's already in a jug in the fridge making basil water. The other half is going into a skillet tonight with...

- a bitter melon and

- those small slender purple eggplants

- damn, I forgot to get onions. *facepalm*
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When I was a kid, one of the things we always had in the fridge, right next to the watermelon and ice tea, was a bowl of cucumber salad.

Thinly slice cucumbers and plain white onions into a bowl. Combine water, white vinegar, and sugar. This time, I used 1c water, 1c vinegar, a splash of oil, and 1/4c sugar. I heated them in the microwave for about a minute. It's not supposed to be very sweet--just enough to take the edge off the vinegar. Next time I'll probably start with 1/8c sugar. Pour dressing over cucumbers and onions to cover, and let sit in the fridge for a while before eating.

Dunno if this is a regional dish or not (Southern US, if so). It goes very nicely with corn on the cob, chicken salad in tomatoes, and other summer delights.
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A light take today at the all-organic market, but I came home with:

Chipotle rubbed Chevre
2 ridiculously curvy zucchini
1 softball sized kohlrabi
A bunch of baby red onions
1 jar of green tomato jam
2 Lebanese spinach pies

And my favorite find: 2 huge fistfuls of garlic scapes (!!!!) I'm so excited by them I can't handle it. I have so many ideas!

Does anyone have any unique ideas for zucchini or kohlrabi? My zucchini ideas, especially, are kind of stale but at the same time it's hard to get tired of just lightly sauteed zucchini with a touch of onion and garlic.
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A friend has thornless blackberries in her back yard, and she invited me over to pick what I wanted. I ate a quart as I picked, like ya do, but I still filled a gallon pail. They're awesome with Greek yogurt and dark brown sugar, in the absence of maple syrup. Today I made an olive oil cake with a cup of strained pulp and a cup of whole berries. I can highly recommend the idea!


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