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And I am here visiting my mom, so I went:

New potatoes, radishes, green onions, beet greens, oatmeal sourdough and an apricot-almond multigrain, plus (not shown) blueberry tarts, tomatoes, local freerange ground beef, rosemary, garlic scapes, ranier cherries.
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Strawberry season is tapering off, so the strawberries are bigger (better for dipping, less easy to just pop in your mouth, less tasty) but cherry season is getting going!

I came home with a half-flat of strawberries (six little baskets) and six pints of cherries, plus a large number of apricots.
Large white plastic bowl filled with dark and light red cherries, with a strawberry or two on top.

Last week I ran short of fruit, and had to get some more midway through the week. Fresher, but I'd been hoping to do fewer shopping runs. Alas.


Oct. 17th, 2010 04:45 am
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This week, I got a half-flat of strawberries (6 baskets) for $7, a bunch of grapes at $2.50/lb, and some nice white button mushrooms (what can I say, I'm boring) for $3/lb.

Graaaapes. on Twitpic

That was Thursday. Yesterday, I came home from my aunt's, where I was helping her with her dog class, and found myself with quite a few apples (one of her students had brought a bag), and a squash.

I think a curry may be in my future, with the squash and those potatoes that I just happen to have languishing about.
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Today's haul:
- 3 quarts (I think? idk, they are little buckets, okay, and there are a lot of strawberries in them.) of strawberries
- half a pound of delicious, delicious penuche fudge
- a little log of... some sort of goat cheese? idk, it isn't chevre, it has a rind, and it is delicious
- a walnut bread baguette. It is sweet! I have no idea what I was expecting, but not something sweet. Also: delicious.

My goal for this summer is to put up enough fruit so that I can have smoothies aaaaall year long without having to, you know, remember to buy fruit first. Thus the ridiculous amount of strawberries. And the soon to be ridiculous amount of blueberries and raspberries and etc.


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