May. 30th, 2011

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Strawberry season is tapering off, so the strawberries are bigger (better for dipping, less easy to just pop in your mouth, less tasty) but cherry season is getting going!

I came home with a half-flat of strawberries (six little baskets) and six pints of cherries, plus a large number of apricots.
Large white plastic bowl filled with dark and light red cherries, with a strawberry or two on top.

Last week I ran short of fruit, and had to get some more midway through the week. Fresher, but I'd been hoping to do fewer shopping runs. Alas.
anne: (bluebonnets)
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A friend has thornless blackberries in her back yard, and she invited me over to pick what I wanted. I ate a quart as I picked, like ya do, but I still filled a gallon pail. They're awesome with Greek yogurt and dark brown sugar, in the absence of maple syrup. Today I made an olive oil cake with a cup of strained pulp and a cup of whole berries. I can highly recommend the idea!


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