Jun. 18th, 2011

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Today I went to my local farmers' market for the first time this year (my husband's been going, but I've been working out of town). ^_^ We came home with:

- One bottle of whole milk
- Eggs
- Fiddleheads
- Hot Italian sausages (for my own reference, these came from Roselane Farm--I'm making a game effort at trying the sausages from each farmer to figure out which can be my new default)
- Shoulder bacon, side bacon, and ground beef

Plus some prepared foods:

- Sausage rolls and pepperoni
- A dark chocolate & pecan cookie and a vanilla cream/chocolate/raspberry Berliner
- Dutch black licorice


Jun. 18th, 2011 11:55 am
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I have Romanesco cauliflower. Which I can never resist because it's FRACTAL VEG.

Not to mention fluorescent lime green.

(Also I have gooseberries and raspberries and a giant bag of mixed salad leaves and cavolo nero and eggs and pigeon breasts and lamb's hearts.)
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Today I came home with a half-flat of strawberries, maybe five and a half pounds of mixed red and yellow cherries, some stone fruits, and a bottle of honey.

I still have some strawberries left over from last week's whole flat. I'm thinking it's time to get the blender involved.
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A light take today at the all-organic market, but I came home with:

Chipotle rubbed Chevre
2 ridiculously curvy zucchini
1 softball sized kohlrabi
A bunch of baby red onions
1 jar of green tomato jam
2 Lebanese spinach pies

And my favorite find: 2 huge fistfuls of garlic scapes (!!!!) I'm so excited by them I can't handle it. I have so many ideas!

Does anyone have any unique ideas for zucchini or kohlrabi? My zucchini ideas, especially, are kind of stale but at the same time it's hard to get tired of just lightly sauteed zucchini with a touch of onion and garlic.


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